It’s all Greek to me


“Welcome to Greece”

These are the words you’re met with as you exit the gate into Athens airport… well at least I think that’s what it said. I’m not really sure…

I don’t speak Greek.

And I quickly learned that that was going to be a slight problem if I wanted to make it anywhere… Literally anywhere, I didn’t even know what bus to take from the airport to my airbnb. And just in case you’re wondering;

This is what the bus sign looked like:


…Yeah it was not helpful.

Luckily I was not alone and had traveled with a group of friends; One of which who had been in the army and was very handy with a compass. We did not stop and ask for directions. We didn’t dare pull out our phones and use the last bit of data we had left.

Oh no, we looked at our airbnb on a picture of a map we had screenshotted on a phone and we USED A COMPASS TO NAVIGATE 50 MILES OF BUS ROUTES. It was kind of amazing actually. Me- a millennial

And later when I told my parents about it they gave me this look like “lol wow good job you learned to use a map honey.” so anyways.


Going to Greece had always been a dream of mine, and I jumped at the chance when I learned I was able to go for my birthday this past December. I was living in Italy at the time for school, so it ended up being super cheap. And it was honestly the chance of a lifetime.


The weather ended up being perfect the entire trip. It was sunny and 65 in December! I never get to have birthdays where I can wear a t-shirt. Honestly, between that and the ocean and the fact that I got to have Starbucks for the first time in I don’t even know how long (spoiler alert Starbucks does not exist in Italy), It was a perfect trip in the perfect place and made for a perfect birthday


On my last day, I visited the acropolis and was surrounded by history and culture at every turn. I only had two days there, but two was really all i needed. I do hope to go back again though. Maybe next time to visit Mykonos.




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So here’s a few things about me… I am 20 years old and a student at The University of Oklahoma. BOOM SOON!!! Originally I am from OK, but I’ve also lived in various places across the country, and can now even add that I lived in Europe for a few months! My stories of living allover and how it ties into my style will definitely be shared.

I think we can all agree that we want “that look” you know, the kind you see on a magazine cover while you’re checking out at the grocery store and think… “why can’t i look like that?”

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